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Laszlo Cser began working in the field as a restorer in 1975. Restorart Inc. was incorporated in 1982 to provide conservation and restoration services for the private, public, commercial, institutional, and corporate sectors. Conservator’s Products Company (Canada) Ltd. was established in 1987 for the manufacture, supply, and distribution of high quality conservation products, specifically Gustav Berger’s Beva® 371 and related products.

In 1989 a fully equipped and climate controlled 1800 square foot studio / workshop facility was set up and continues at this location. The Conservator’s Stretcher™ was developed and marketed in the early 1990’s as a modified traditional wooden stretcher system designed with conservation attributes and made from renewable resources. Conservator’s Wax™ was formulated in the mid 1990’s and has been distributed nationally and abroad since the late 1990’s.

Accredited in 1994 as a Conservator specializing in paintings by the CAPC (Canadian Association of Professional Conservators), and as a Professional Associate by the AIC (American Institute of Conservation) in 1995, Laszlo Cser is also a Professional Member of the CAHP (Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals). He has maintained memberships since the 1980’s in the CAC (Canadian Association for Conservation), IIC (International Institute of Conservation), and ICOM (International Council of Museums). He has given numerous presentations to the profession, as well as talks and lectures to the public and interested groups to promote conservation awareness.

Dragan Jankovic has been with Restorart since 1989, and established his own Toronto based practice in 1991. He specializes in the restoration and conservation of paintings and objects in a variety of media (oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, panel, and wall; ceramic, glass, and gilt wooden sculptures; altar sanctuaries and other architectural interiors and exteriors) from the medieval period to present. Prior to moving to Canada, he held a private practice and worked for the Cultural Preservation Institute in Yugoslavia.

Bethany Jo Mikelait joined Restorart as a junior conservator in July 2015 after completing her Masters of Art Conservation (paintings specialization) at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada), and having undertaken internships at the Canadian Conservation Institute (2014) and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa (2015). She is a member of the Canadian Association for Conservation (CAC) and the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

As a working studio personality, Charli began her tenure at the tender age of 2 months in 2010. She is self motivated with self determined responsibilities, and maintains an inherent temporal response to ongoing activities with a non-judgmental presence, discounting past and future events with equanimity and grace.

“Nihil est sine amore, fide, et labore”
There is nothing without love, faith, and work